You can return to HAW Hamburg without having taken a corona test (please note that different rules apply for employees returning from travel). (Updated: 20 October 2020), 'Use of office space by more than one employee' risk assessment form (in German only), How should meeting rooms be used? (Updated: 9 November 2020), Should I keep a diary of my contacts? If you are diagnosed with a corona infection, please contact the 'corona single point of contact' (corona SPOC) in your faculty or in the central university administration. The keeping of a contact diary is voluntary! The Schlüters (Pizza & More), Cafeteria Studierendenhaus, Cafeteria Harburg, Pizzabar Harburg, the Café Student Affairs and the Café Finkenau is open for guests again. Upon arrival, users will be required to fill out a form with their personal information so that they can be notified in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak. The final exams for the winter semester will conclude on 26 February 2021, which will result in a slightly delayed start to on-campus teaching in summer semester 2021. Tags . Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we ask that you limit the time you spend in the HAW Hamburg buildings to what is absolutely necessary. Applications can be submitted to Studierendenwerk Hamburg for the months of October, November and December. We´re open again: Schlüters (Pizza and More), Cafeteria Studierendenhaus, Cafeteria Harburg, Café Student Affairs, Café Finkenau, Café CFEL, Café-Shop Geomatikum, PizzaBar Harburg, Café BLS now open for guests and delicious to-go in Café-Shop Blueberry, CampusCafé, Foodtruck, Café insgrüne Botanischer Garten and Café am Mittelweg. One extension of the sick note via telephone for an additional seven days is permitted. Westy Bar & Grill in Hamburg, Berks County ; Frank’s Pizza in Reading, Berks County; Juke Box Café in Boyerstown, Berks County; Seasons Café in Reading, Berks County; Mad Dogs in Kutztown, Ber As communicated in the European Commission’s special notice of 17 March, the submission deadlines for Horizon 2020 calls for proposals, which were supposed to run until 15 April 2020, will be extended – with the exception of the IMI call. Under this point, the federal and state governments call on people to avoid unnecessary travel within and outside of Germany until 10 January 2021. As of 1 September there will now be a so-called bring-someone-for-free bonus instead. Doctors are only permitted to issue sick notes if the infected individual also has symptoms. In winter semester 2020/21 it will still be necessary to observe the existing hygiene and physical distancing measures, which means that a return to full-capacity on-campus teaching will not be possible. This can be achieved through home office, alternating shifts or the formation of separate teams. A New Hampshire restaurant is warning customers they may have been exposed to the coronavirus by a person confirmed to have the virus. (Updated: 5 November 2020), Is interim financial aid still available for students who are experiencing particularly acute financial need? Where other events require the simultaneous attendance of students and instructors (e.g. can I work from home)? Individualised measures must be adopted for students who have a pre-existing health condition or disability (certified by a doctor) that puts them at risk of experiencing severe illness and complications from a Covid-19 infection. If you are not able to work, the usual rules regarding a doctor's note  apply. Your senses will … However, this requires clarification of how the teaching requirements for the current semester will be fulfilled and how the courses that will not be taught during the replacement research or practice semester can still be offered. Please also see the information for those returning from travel abroad below (question 10). Hospitals Doctors Pharmacies Corona: What's Important To Stay Safe Hamburg's Schools to Reopen Corona-Warn -App. In this case, the head of the unit is required to complete a risk assessment in advance. (Updated: 9 November 2020), Can I obtain a certificate indicating my child's eligibility for an emergency daycare place? You can contact the. (Updated: 9 November 2020), Can offices be used by more than one employee at the same time? A so-called ‘community mask’ (a handmade mask made of normal fabric), like those required when using public transport, is sufficient. Questions from students: studienberatung (@), Media inquiries: presse (@) Questions about occupational health and safety: arbeitsschutz (@) Questions about building-related and technical issues: fm-leitung (@) Questions from employees (e.g. It is also possible to check in via the URL listed below the QR code. (Updated: 19 October 2020), What are the rules regarding home office in the period directly before Christmas? Useful. The café shop Blueberry, Café-Shop Geomaikum, Campus Café, Café HCU (for HCU staff), the Campus FoodTruck, Café insgrüne Botanischer Garten, Café CFEL, Café Bucerius Law School, Cafeteria Armgartstraßeand Café am Mittelweg are open in the to go sales. In order to reduce the risk of infection, the rules listed below must be followed in the public areas of HAW Hamburg buildings: All individuals are required to wear a mouth and nose covering in the high-traffic public areas of HAW Hamburg premises (e.g. applies. Additional information can be obtained from the relevant department or faculty or the funder of the particular qualification project. All individuals must observe the signs and floor markers indicating the required distance from others. Current information, FAQ's and other useful information in the Corona crisis. (updated 16 October 2020). Students at Hamburg universities who are experiencing acute and demonstrable financial need as a result of the corona pandemic can once again apply for an interest-free loan of €400 per month, just in time for the start of winter semester 2020. 953 new corona infections in Berlin. (Updated: 30 October 2020). (Updated: 26 October 2020), Which regulations are in place for practical activities in laboratories and workshops? The check-in process is the same as in the cafeterias: you do not need to download an app or anything similar; all you need to do is set a PIN once. (Updated: 18 December 2020), Can I still use the HAW Hamburg libraries? If this is not possible for technical, organisational or content-related reasons, employees should assess, in a second step, whether the business travel or event is absolutely essential or can be postponed. In the event that you are ill and unable to work, the notes on what to do in cases of illness provided in the employee portal  apply. This is where the information and communication flows will be coordinated: For everyone's security, the contact information of participants in on-campus courses will be collected via a QR code as of Wednesday, 2 December 2020. If there is not a technical ventilation system, regular airing of the room. cough, fever, diarrhoea) that could indicate a Covid-19 infection and have not been checked by a doctor are prohibited from entering HAW Hamburg premises. The legal requirement to attend school has been suspended from 16 December 2020 to 10 January 2021 and has been replaced with other homeschooling alternatives. How will winter semester 2020/21 be organised? Tools and materials that are used by more than one person must be cleaned following use. The Hamburg Assistance Fund provides … The staff of the Occupational Safety Unit can provide assistance and support where necessary (arbeitsschutz (@) Important Notice for Events. Wandsbek - Cafe May. Hamburg's Human Resources Agency is currently highlighting point 13 of the agreement reached between the German chancellor and the heads of the federal states during the teleconference on 13 December 2020. Briefing of participants on the rules outlined in the university's Hygiene Plan. However, you should be fever-free and feeling well for at least one day before coming back to the university. The doctor is required to personally assess the patient's condition via a detailed telephone interview. Networking Mixer & Re-Grand Opening at RENDEZ VOUS CAFE – May 21st. You can find further information on sources of support that are available outside our consultation hours and useful links with advice on coping with this extraordinary situation on our website: The Family Office provides advising services for students who are currently working in home office and have childcare/caregiving responsibilities. In the spring, the provisions in the containment regulations in effect at the time were different. The corona pandemic and the numbers of people with COVID-19 are increasing in Germany, as elsewhere in Europe. Understand your responsibilities as a liquor or gaming licensee to help manage the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Queensland. What should I do if I have tested positive for coronavirus or have been exposed to someone infected with the coronavirus? Any costs arising from obtaining the medical certificate will not be covered by the employer. Children required to quarantine by the health authorities are also not permitted to attend daycare facilities. foyers, halls, in front of examination rooms and labs). Categories . The quarantine requirement can be lifted following a negative corona test (Section 35, Hamburg regulations for the containment of SARS-CoV-2, version: 23 September 2020). The increased workload due to the corona situation and the resulting request for a change to the parental leave period must be suggested and confirmed by the supervisor. (Please see the corresponding questions and answers under 'Studies and teaching': 'How is contact information for on-campus courses being collected?' Due to the coronavirus situation, you should discuss what steps you need to take with your doctor. If a corona infection is not suspected, you are permitted to work in HAW Hamburg buildings, provided you do not have cold-like symptoms. Applications should be submitted to the Executive Board via the faculties. More information about the Hamburg emergency corona loans (in German). Are the cafeterias open? FAQ's – Tenant in one of Studierendenwerk´s student residencesYou can find our information sheet on the mitigation of the financial emergencies caused by the Corona pandemic here. You can take one adult and up to three children between the ages of 6 and 14 with you for free using your ProfiTicket. All other refectories are currently closed. If a member of your household has been directed to quarantine at home by the health authorities but you have not, you are permitted to continue working in HAW Hamburg buildings. Skip to content. If this is the case, the work can be completed from home. The use of offices by more than one person is only permitted if an area of between 16 and 20 square metres (the usual size of a two-person office) is available for each workspace or this is absolutely necessary due to the work processes/tasks.

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, you will not necessarily receive a doctor's note (Krankschreibung) excusing you from work. Studierendenwerk Hamburg. Get studying! They are also required to quarantine for 10 days following their return. THOUSANDS of cafe and bar jobs face the axe by May if the Government does not help the industry, a trade group has warned. Parents can postpone the months in which they were to receive parental-leave benefits if they are working more than planned as a result of the corona pandemic and have thus exceeded the maximum number of hours that can be worked before losing a share of the benefits or entitlement to the partnership bonus. All individuals (students, guests, employees of external service providers, etc.) Winterh. Should the impacts of the pandemic persist, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will subsequently review the possibility of an additional six-month extension. Außerdem geben wir Informationen zu Ihrer Verwendung unserer … Horner Freiheit - Cafe May. If you have further questions or are unsure, call the Corona Hotline of the city of Hamburg: 040 - 428 284 000. In addition, distance … If it has been designated as such, the employee cannot travel. cafe menu) Mensa Bergedorf:  8:00 am–3:30 pm (incl. In the case of business travel abroad, it is also necessary to first consider whether an online format can substitute for travel. The staff of the BMBF’s EU office and the NKS Network can assist you if you have questions. Solltet ihr trotzdem eine Torte, Macarons, Pralinen, unseren Glühwein kaufen wollen oder uns einfach mit dem Erwerb eines Gutscheines unterstützen wollt, kontaktiert uns bitte per E-Mail (kontakt@roncalli-grand-cafe… 22:50 The University Medical Center or UKE in Hamburg's Eppendorf district confirmed the first coronavirus case in the city. Starting a course of study in these times of coronavirus is a particular challenge. (2) Children with fever or a cough that is not the result of a chronic illness cannot be cared for in daycare facilities. Newsletter. The test cannot be carried out before the fifth day following entry into Germany. Germany Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline. Depending on the level of need, grants of €100 to €500 per month are available. In accordance with the different requirements of the respective course and examination regulations, the faculties and departments will organise the individual formats for the expanded phase of secure on-campus teaching and inform students how these will be implemented. The possibility to suspend HVV ProfitTickets expired on 31 August 2020. More information Where can I get help ? The check-in process is the same as in the cafeterias: you do not need to download an app or anything similar; all you need to do is set a PIN once. more Cape May Cafe, Orlando: See 2,643 unbiased reviews of Cape May Cafe, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #142 of 3,651 restaurants in Orlando. At the end of the teaching session you will need to check out. The reasons why the business travel is absolutely essential must be noted on a separate piece of paper accompanying the application for business travel. As an alternative to home office, alternating shifts or separate teams can be organised to enable the completion of tasks in the particular unit. Instructors or students who have questions related to these issues or require advice can contact the representative for disabled and chronically ill students, Prof. Dr. Dieter Röh, or Meike Butenob, advisor and project coordinator for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Because students in their second or later semesters, as well as MA students, are not impacted by this delay in admission, we can proceed differently here. The corona pandemic and the numbers of people with COVID-19 are increasing in Germany, as elsewhere in Europe. Counselling and Mental Health and Student Counselling and Coaching. Are exams still taking place? (Updated: 1 September 2020), What rules apply to people returning from holidays in other countries? Employees must apply for sufficient holiday time (for both the travel abroad and the quarantine period). The first point of contact regarding the financing of such an extension is the supervising professor. Individuals who travel to a country designated by RKI as a high-risk area on the day of entry must allow for a post-travel quarantine period when planning their travel and holiday. Outside our office hours, you can call the student services line at +49.40.42875-9898 (Mon–Fri, 8:00 am–5:00 pm). An English-language version of the form will be available in early January 2021. Please also contact the appropriate 'corona single point of contact' in your faculty or the university administration. Any subsequent purchases are the responsibility of the faculties. Please be sure to consult this list both before and during travel. As soon as these are made public, we will assess whether universities are entitled to issue certificates for emergency childcare or whether other areas are to be given priority. Susanne C. Long Beach, CA. The counsellors for victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault provide support in cases of harassment and assault, including those incidents that take place in private learning environments: Stefanie Kieback. However, the federal and state governments urge people to avoid non-necessary domestic travel to or from areas where the number of new infections per 100,000 residents over the previous seven days has exceeded 50. libraries, Faculty Service Offices, ITSC Chip Card Services Office)? 177 photos. You can find the current opening hours on the. If I test postive for Covid-19 am I considered unfit to work? IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Due to a recent spike in coronavirus infections, as of 2 November, 2020, Hamburg is strictly regulating many aspects of public life to better combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Deletions of tickets due to exemptions from Studierendenwerk Hamburg are also processed on-site at the Chip Card Services Office or by mail. This childcare was made available to those parents whose jobs were essential to maintaining key infrastructure or security (e.g. If your lectures start on 2 November 2020, your semester ticket is valid from 1 October 2020. Participants are required to wear a face mask. Equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. The individual standard period of study will be extended by one semester for all students who were enrolled and not on leave in summer semester 2020. Please check your emails and the information on this page regularly – making sure to note the date the question was last updated. Start your review of Café May. Additionally, a cost-neutral extension together with savings in the project could be a possible way of compensating. Share. The Personnel Department requests that the organisational units agree on suitable arrangements with their employees. Facebook | Instagram 69 are freely accessible. In both cases it is necessary that the individuals who are not wearing masks consistently maintain the required physical distance so that they don't endanger others. How is contact information for on-campus courses being collected? (Updated: 16 December 2020), Information about digital registration of entry, To the digital registration form (you can select the language at the top of the page), What can I do if I have childcare difficulties between 16 December 2020 and 10 January 2021? The precise quarantine regulations from the City of Hamburg's Human Resources Agency for travellers entering and re-entering Germany from abroad are contained in the letters of 30 June 2020 and 1 November 2020 from the agency (in German only). If the health authorities have required the individual in quarantine to be tested, please isolate at home until the test result is available and ask your supervisor if you can work from home. Studying with a disability or chronic illness, Student Admissions and Registration Office. (Please see below for more specific information.). The question of whether additional measures are needed can be determined via a risk assessment where necessary. The first set of masks will be provided centrally by the university administration. In addition, the additional challenges that online teaching poses for these students – e.g. The majority of HAW Hamburg employees are currently working from home. In response to the corona crisis, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has made temporary adjustments to the funding and selection criteria for its Research at Technical Universities programme. As always You can take another person with you on the weekend (Saturday–Sunday): Your Profiticket is valid in the entire HVV network (rings A–H). Open lounges include New York-JFK (T4), Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (A17, D27 and F) and Los Angeles-LAX (T2), among others. Employees and students who are hard of hearing and rely (additionally) on lip reading, can also remove their masks for short conversations. This is intended to make it possible for students and employees to voluntarily self-quarantine both before and after the holidays. If your travel destination has already been designated a high-risk area by the RKI on the day that you enter that area/country, you are required to take holidays or flex days during the subsequent quarantine at home. In concrete terms, this means the following: Those employees working at the Berliner Tor Campus during this period have the opportunity to use the parking spots for delivery and tradespeople located on Wallstraße. (Updated: 16 September 2020). For the period after the Christmas holidays and up to 10 January 2021, the Human Resources Agency points out the possibility of working from home or using up overtime. Fax: +49 / 40 / 41 902 - 6100. CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: Hard Rock has an important message to our fans: Learn More. (Updated: 14 September 2020), Am I permitted to work in HAW Hamburg buildings if I have symptoms of a cold? Food retail trade, farmer’s markets, direct marketing of food, pick-up and delivery services, beverage markets, health food stores, pharmacies, health care supply stores, drug stores, opticians, hearing system acousticians, gas stations, car and bike repair workshops, banks and savings banks, post offices, … The chip card and the notice of exemption must be submitted to HAW Hamburg before the deadline given. China’s manufacturing base is facing a multitude of unprecedented challenges, as coronavirus containment efforts hamper factories’ attempts to reopen. Outside our office hours, you can call the student services line at +49.40.42875-9898 (Mon–Fri, 8:00 am–5:00 pm) or send us a mail at the above address. In order to compensate for corona-related delays and stoppages in research projects, the following graduated procedure is recommended. If it is indeed deemed essential, the business travel can be approved, as long as the destination country is not designated a high-risk area. Cafe Del Sol | Restaurant | Bar | Cafe - Dein Ort zum Entspannen und Genießen, gemeinsam mit netten Menschen, vom Frühstück bis zum Feierabend. For tips and advising services related to child-rearing and caregiving while working at home, please contact the Family Office at familienbuero (@) and see the information on our links page (in German only).